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      About this time she arranged for her brother an excellent marriage which turned out very happily. She had the young people to live with her at first, and M. de Genlis was extremely kind to them; but at the end of some months Mme. de Montesson, in whom she had contrived to arouse an interest in them, took them to live permanently with her.

      much what happens to the mother--she is such a jelly-fish.After giving them some advice how to get to The Netherlands, and offering some words of sympathy, I wanted to go on, but as they realised this, the poor, kind creatures surrounded me; many women began to weep, and from all sides they cried:

      During the next days I found a hospitable domicile at the convent of the Sacred Heart on the Namur Canal ("Naamsche Vest"). It is a seminary for missionaries, and when I went to them for the first136 time I had a letter from their head, the "provincial" in The Netherlands, who sent the order that all the theological students should be transferred to The Netherlands as quickly as possible. They received me with the greatest kindness, and ever since I enjoyed their hospitality.German officers told me, with full particulars, how the inhabitants of those burning villages had offered German soldiers poisoned cocoa, coffee, and cigarettes, for which crime three hundred civilians had been shot during the night in a Lige square.

      On entering the park the cocked turbans of the bodyguard again reminded us of the hats of the French Guards.came this morning. I am so sorry that you have been ill; I wouldn't

      The scarcity of women at that time and the enormous number of soldiers of all ranks gave that impression to one used to the brilliant Russian court.I'm rather awed at the prospect of meeting Pendletons EN MASSE,

      and also I'd have to get a lot of new clothes--so, Daddy dear,Ah! there is nothing to be said against that one.



      Perfectly calm and undisturbed, she helped her mother dress, remarking


      it's just a LINE to say that I'm going to write a letter pretty soon